Monday, October 11, 2010

Guest post from my daughter, Abby

My daughter was in the car with me yesterday and was very busy writing in her journal. When I asked her what she was working on, she told me she was writing a story about Jesus. She read these to me and asked if I'd ever put it on my website. "Of course," I said. I hope you can read them, she said there is an introduction and two chapters. These are precious to me. I pray she continues to grow in her relationship with Jesus and that she wants to keep telling the world about how much He loves us! Enjoy and be blessed.


  1. Love, love, love it... Good mommy.

  2. Abby has shown us all just how simple God's love ofor us is. We as adults need to embrace her child like faith and just accept that love and pass it on to other. But instead we sometimes try to complicate it all and make it so hard. Please tell Abby "thank you" for the reminder.

  3. How precious is this, but even more heart warming to know she is such a strong follower of the Lord. What a blessing to share your passion of writing with her. Way to go Abby! You keep it up and share Jesus with your friends.