Friday, August 7, 2009

…For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn't believe even if someone told you about it. Habakkuk 1:5, NLT

I have to be honest, when I used to hear people say that God spoke to them just when they needed it most, either through the Spirit, or an interaction, or an encounter with Scripture, I had a tendency to balk a little in disbelief. I had always “considered” myself a Christian, but boy, I was so wrong.

I’m still so early in my transformation and so excited to see what else is in store along the way. But one area that has become impossible to ignore is that God is always communicating! Such is the case with this verse. I struggle a lot with the internal question: “is this really where God wants me, and is this the path He wants me on?” When I think about it logically, reasonably, the answer is yes, of course. I can look back on events and instances and trace His hand all along the way. There are so many areas of life that are impossible to fathom unless I realize that God was directly involved them.

But, then there’s the doubt, the daily little struggles and challenges that we all face. From waking up late, to traffic, to obstacles small or large, those are the moments when I see myself slip every so often. When a challenge is happening in life that seems so unimportant with my “Kingdom-eyes,” I have a difficult time trying to understand how it is relevant or working God’s purpose in me.

And then, somehow, some way, I am prompted to stop and see, really see what is truly transpiring. The situation or instance can seem so non-God-focused, and yet, He is still present in everything. Because that’s when the precisely right word of encouragement comes or some barrier is removed and the situation takes a dramatic shift. Those moments are when it is up to me to take that step out of the moment and revel in the glory of His presence in everything, every day!

Slowly, very slowly, too slowly for my impatient heart, I am starting to take in those moments and recognize where God is moving and shaping and trust that yes, I am on exactly the path He wants me on. The obedience to trust is my role. Because, just like the verse I received today says, if He revealed to me what He is really doing, I’m certain I couldn’t or wouldn’t believe it – He is too magnificent for me to comprehend.

Lord, thank you for moving and working in my life and the lives of all. You know our hearts and have prepared a way that we could never imagine. Please change my heart in me to be more receptive to Your way and give me a trusting spirit when the doubts and challenges of this world seem to be shifting my focus. Amen.

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